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LBEvo The evolution continues.

Faster, smarter, and more powerful than any previous LockBuilder. LockBuilder Evo for iOS8 stands in its own class, giving you the ability to create amazing lock screens that you can save, and share. Uses common elements used in a majority of lock screens, and more! Many of the Lockscreens you see in cydia can be created with this one tool.

Getting Started

To initially setup LockBuilder Evo you will need to download LockBuilder Evo and LockBuilder Evo iOS8 from the macciti repo. Once downloaded go into the You will now have a LBevo icon. Tap it and begin to set your preferences. The zipcode must be set. How to find weather code
Once the zip code is set you can enable other options. To turn on the cydget go into cydgets (in settings) and select LockBuilder Evo iOS8 (if you are on iOS8) if not select LockBuilder Evo. Your device will respring and you will be greeted with a blank Lockscreen.


To enable GPS you will need to have a tweak or app that grabs your information and sets it to mylocation.txt.

Loading Themes

To load a theme swipe left on the lockscreen, choose Theme then press Load Theme.

To find a theme swipe left on the lockscreen, choose Theme then press Free Themes. Browse the themes then tap one to be taken to the download.