Editing Elemetns

It is simple to add color, font, shadow, size, and more to an element. To activate the editing menu make sure items are not locked and double tap on an element.

You can also tap and hold on an element to bring up this menu. This is needed for special items like the unlock button, icons, and iwidgets.

Special Elements

One special element is the icons. Icons can be placed anywhere on the lockscreen, but if they are pressed they will open an app. Therefore you tap hold them to edit. You will see in the edit menu a winterboard icons will show. Use this icon to go through themes and pick an icon image you would like

iWidget is also a special element. If you touch the top of an iWidget you can drag it around. If you tap and hold the top of the iWidget it will show the edit menu with a red X to remove that iWidget

Options from top to bottom

  • Top text tells you what element is selected.
  • Move brings up a directional pad that will allow you to move elements one pixel at a time for precise placement.
  • Align sets the elements alignment. Left, right or center.
  • Font gives you a list of fonts to choose from
  • Shadow allows you to add shadows to the element.
  • Rotate rotates the element
  • Scale changes the size of the selected element
  • Opacity changes the transparency of the element
  • Color allows you to pick a color for the element
  • Close closes the menu