The LockBuilder Evo iOS8 SBHTML allows you to take any changes made inside LockBuilder Evo to the springboard.


Setup is pretty straight forward. Enable LockBuilder Evo Cydget in and enable LockBuilder Evo SBHTML in SBHTML needs respring to work on iOS8, after respring you are ready to go.

Setting a theme

Start off with something simple. Swipe left on the lockscreen, this will show LBEvo's menu. Choose place, elements, weather and choose a weather element. It will now be placed on the lockscreen, you can move it by dragging it. Once you have it positions swipe left and choose Theme, then press Save SB. Now unlock your device and look at the springboard. You will see the element there. To modify it go back to the lockscreen and adjust it however you like when you are done, swipe left choose Theme and press Save SB.

What can be saved

Almost anything you can place in LB can be pushed to the SBHTML. GroovyLocks, Overlays, Animations, iWidgets, and most elements. The only elements that won't be placed are Apps (you couldn't press them even if they were added) and some system elements. SBHTML doesn't support system elements such as Disk Size, Disk Free Space, CPU, Firmware, Uptime, Alarm, Wifi, Signal, Name or Unlock it will however support battery percent.