SuperSecret Repo

SuperSecret is a repo for jailbroken devices since 2013. This repo requires an account to download most tweaks. If you have a patreon account login with it on the repo. You can choose an option below to make an account. One price for everything on the repo and all services.



  • Patreon Login
  • Beta Builds
  • Private Discord



  • Login Access
  • Family Included



  • Login Access
  • Family Included
  • Lifetime Access

There is no DRM in the packages on the repo. If you purchased any of the above and downloaded a package, the package will still work after subscription ends. Subscriptions do not auto renew!

Family included refers to anyone on the same wifi network can download from my repo without needing to login to your account. This means any device on your house wifi can download packages with no extra subscription.

Add to Cydia Add to Sileo Add to Zebra Login

Once you login you will get a link to Discord