FrontPage calls and usage


This documentation is to help you create a FrontPage theme. FrontPage applies a WKWebview to the iOS homescreen. Along with the webview, it calls code within the html to supply iOS info such as battery, music, apps, switcher, signal, wifi, notifications, and other info. The code it calls is covered below.

Getting Started Scroll to top

FrontPage requires you to have a screenshot.jpg which is the screenshot of your theme, Info.plist, and index.html.

Info.plist Scroll to top

                                    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                                    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">

Width: can be set to an interger value or auto. If set to an interger still put it in <string></string>

Height: can be set to an interger value or auto. If set to an interger still put it in <string></string>

X: can be set to an interger such as fromright:100 which will move the theme 100px from the right. fromleft:100 will move 100px from the left. Center can also be set which will center depending on width

Y: can be set to an interger such as fromtop:100 which will move the theme 100px from the top. frombottom:100 will move 100px from the bottom. Center can also be set which will center depending on height

usesXXXinfo can be set to <true/> or <false/> this defines if FrontPage will send this info to your html.

index.html : Functions that receive Scroll to top


FPI is your main object. All info is stored in this object. It is called whenever iOS info changes. Then the functions below are called to let you know that info was updated. For this there is no reason to have timers checking if info is changed.


Depending on what you have enabled in your Info.plist each one of these functions are called when that info is updated. Here is an example to load device name into a div.



calls when device is unlocked. It sends this info.

FPI.system.twentyfour If a user has 24hr time set.
FPI.system.deviceName User name set in settings.
FPI.system.systemVersion System Version
FPI.system.firmwareBuild FirmwareBuild
FPI.system.firmware Firmware
FPI.system.systemName iPhone/iPad
FPI.system.serial Serial # (fake)
FPI.system.deviceType iPhone
FPI.system.model iPhone6 Calendar events object
FPI.system.rootStorage Root storage size
FPI.system.rootfreeStorage Root storage free size
FPI.system.mobileStorage Mobile storage size
FPI.system.mobilefreeStorage Root storage free size
FPI.system.totalStorage Total storage size
FPI.system.freeStorage Free storage size


calls when battery info is updated

FPI.battery.percent Battery percent without the % sign.
FPI.battery.chargetext returns Charging or Not Charging text.
FPI.battery.chargestate returns 0 or 1.


calls when statusbar is updated

FPI.statusbar.wifiName wifi name.
FPI.statusbar.wifiRSSI wifi RSSI.
FPI.statusbar.wifiBars wifi bar count.
FPI.statusbar.signalName carrier name.
FPI.statusbar.signalStrength signal strength.
FPI.statusbar.signalBars signal bar count.
FPI.statusbar.bluetoothEnabled bluetooth Enabled


calls when switcher is updated

FPI.switcher.bundles bundle id of apps in switcher


calls when apps are updated

FPI.apps.all returns all apps installed
FPI.apps.all[NUMBER].bundle returns bundle of app
FPI.apps.all[NUMBER].name returns name of app
FPI.apps.all[NUMBER].systemApp returns if app is a system app
FPI.apps.all[NUMBER].bundle returns bundle of app
FPI.bundle[BUNDLEID].badge get badge for certain bundle
FPI.bundle[BUNDLEID].name get name for certain bundle


calls when music is updated returns current album returns current title returns current artist returns if music is playing returns bundle of the current app playing music returns album art


calls when notifications come in

FPI.notifications returns object of all notifications


calls on reload

FPI.folderplist returns object of plist


calls when alarms are added or removed

FPI.alarm.allalarms[COUNT].time returns alarm time
FPI.alarm.allalarms returns all alarms as object


called once, then needs called to refresh

FPI.memory.ramUsed returns ram used
FPI.memory.ramFree returns free ram
FPI.memory.ramAvailable returns available ram
FPI.memory.ramPhysical returns physical ram


called when weather is updated returns city name returns string of current condition returns condition string returns latitude and longitude returns current temp returns yahoo condition code number returns last time weather was updated returns humidity returns dewpoint returns windchill returns feels like temperature returns wind direction returns wind speed returns visibility returns when sun will set returns when sun will rise no idea returns current low returns current high returns if celsius returns chance of rain percent returns forecast in an object each forecast has low, high, dayNumber, icon, and dayOfWeek.


calls once when everything is updated on load good place to load clocks


calls when device is unlocked


calls when device is locked


calls when device is rotated it sends the direction in the parameter


returns a plist that was requested


calls when an app badge is updated, it sends the bundle as a parameter.


loads when device is unlocked

FPI.reminders.all returns array of reminders.

index.html : Functions that call Scroll to top

These functions call the tweak to do specific actions. They are used by setting window.location to a string. Example



manually updates the weather

'frontpage:openApp:' + BUNDLEID;

opens an app by bundle


changes track


changes track

'frontpage:loadSettings:' + 'var/mobile/Documents/FrontPage.plist'

loads a plist and sends it back to loadSettings();

'frontpage:uninstallApp:' + bundle

uninstalls app by bundle


puts device to sleep


resprings device

window.location = 'frontpage:enablebluetooth';

enables bluetooth

window.location = 'frontpage:disablebluetooth';

disables bluetooth


enables wifi


disables wifi


opens spotlight search


opens control center


opens notification center


updates memory and calls loadMemory()


will vibrate device


will open appdrawer if installed from cydia


will launch siri


will launch switcher

'frontpage:openURL:' + url

will open url in safari


will hide springboard icons if shown


will show springboard icons if shown

window.location = 'frontpage:setWidth:' + 270;

sets FrontPage width manually

window.location = 'frontpage:setWidth:' + 270;

sets FrontPage width manually

window.location = 'frontpage:opensearch';

open search on sb