The best way to theme your lock screen on iOS9 - iOS15.7

LockPlus via Cydia (not Xina12)


LockPlus for XinaA12 (BETA)



LockPlus has made it's way onto iOS15! Not only has it made it to iOS15 it's better than ever.

The changes

LockPlus no longer needs WebyCycript as dependency. View themes is all native collection view.

Faster loading times

Since moving away from WebCycript loading times have increased.


This is and always was the main target. With the help of some great features from LockHTML, LockPlus is very stable.

Ease of use

It's never been easier to browse and install themes to you lockscreen.

Why is LockPlus
the best?

There isn't anything that compares to LockPlus Pro. The sole ability to create an entire lockscreen from your lockscreen is unbelievable. Taking the created theme and adding it to other user created themes brings a community. A community that creates themes, and shares them with everyone. This is what makes LockPlus for me, the best lock screen theme ever created.


A theme can contain a wallpaper, this wallpaper can be moved, scaled, and blurred when applying a theme.

You create a theme once and it fits multiple devices. (All iPhones no iPads)

No coding knowledge needed to create themes

Weather supplied from the weather framework, which means it will update location as you travel if you have location services on.

Brings back swipe to unlock for iOS11

Download themes OTA instead of ssh or installing from Cyida VIEW AND DOWNLOAD THEMES ON THE LOCKSCREEN!

Theme list is updated regularly

This twitter account tweets LockPlus themes every couple hours. @lockpluspro

View LockPlus Themes


Here are some themes created from users like you.