Not your average repo.



Jailbreaking your iPhone gives you freedom. Freedom to give your phone character, a story, or just cool little widgets. I love modding my phone, and learning new skills. I thank those who have supported me, and given me the ability to do this. Viewing all my projects are free, just add the repo below to take a look.


SuperSecret repo is my personal Cydia repo. It contains many packages i've created over the years. It also gives you access to my new packages before anyone else, these include packages that may not ever be publically released. To be apart of the repo, use the button below to send a donation. The donation gives you access to the repo for one year. At any time if your account is flagged for sharing your details (other than your family) it can and will be deleted.

If you are purchasing this repo for one thing don't! I cannot offer you a refund as you are donating for an account on my server. You are not buying one tweak.

There is two options to get access the repo.

Paypal: A subscription for 1 year for $10.

Patreon: $2 a month patreon to access the repo.

After you press donate, enter your info, and send the donation. You will need to press setup account or the return to merchant button after the donation. Do not close the window until you make an account!