Donating via Paypal will give you the ability to make an account, this account gives you access to everything on this repo for a year. This includes all updates and any new packages added. You are purchasing a subscription, the subscription does not auto renew so you don't have to worry about that. There is no refunds on subscriptions.

When you click the paypal button to donate for an account. Immediately after you make the donation click setup account or return to merchant (this is shown via PayPal). You will then fill out your new account that is good for one year.

If you fail to make an account no worries, just click the forgot to make account button in the login section. You will not get charged for doing this it will lookup your Paypal email verify you paid and grant you access to make an account.

When the subscription is over your account is removed. If you wish to get a subscription for another year shoot me an email first, I may have a code for you to use. You will have to make a new account when you renew, but it can be the same details. Anything you downloaded via your subscripton will not expire, even after the subscription is over.

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