Question: Says i'm logged in but i'm not.

Try logging in without a VPN on or try to login via Wifi.

Question: I didn't make an account after donation.

Go to the login form and click forgot to make account and make the account.

Question: How do I login since i'm a Patreon

Go to sign in and click login via patreon. You will be taken to a patreon login, enter information and you will login. If you login and it still says not logged in on the repo, back out of the package then go back to it. If it still says not logged in try doing the process on wifi as your public ip is changing. This could also be due to a vpn. In any case email me (do not contact me on Discord) about the account issue.

Question: Login says incorrect info

Your account could of expired (lasts 1 year) or the info you are entering does not match the info you created when making an account. You can reset this by pressing the login button then pressing forgot password. You will reset the entire account so all you need is the paypal email.

Question: Error 403

Sileo error means you did not login. Please backout of the package and make sure it says logged in. If it still doesn't work remove the repo and add it back, or refresh your sources. If that still doesn't work try login on a wifi network.

Question: Error 404

Sileo error, you may have a tweak that is conflicting with Sileo. Some tweaks enable javascript and this breaks it. Ocean is one of those tweaks

Question: Zero KB or Zero KB

Sileo issue, refresh sources or remove the repo and add it back.

Question: How do I reset my password

Press the login button then press forgot password, it will allow you to reset the entire account

Question: How do I know my account was approved

You will receive an email saying it was approved

Question: My account hasn't been approved

It can take up to 12hrs for an account to be approved. (UP TO 12HRS not 12HRS) If it has been longer than that I would make a new account by pressing forgot password. There could of been an issue with the submission. I cannot count how many times users have put an email [email protected] < notice .con not .com. If this happens 1. If I email you it will fail. 2. Your account wont get approved because it's the wrong email.

Question: How do I renew my accounts.

Accounts last 1 year, after the year is up the server removes the account as it's expired. If you wish to subscribe again follow the same steps you did the first time you created an account. Go to the repo, donate via your choice, then make a new account if applicable. (Patrons login via the login via patreon button)

Question: How do I know my account expired?

If you donated via paypal you simply look at the paypal receipt, if over a year it's expired.